Luxury High-Rise Condo

When you hear “luxury high-rise condo,” the first thing that probably comes into your mind is the hefty price tag that comes with it. But did you know that that is not the only defining characteristic of this type of property?

Top High Rise Condo Amenities

In this time and age, high-rise developers in major cities engage in a luxury amenity race. If you own a unit in a high-rise condo, you’ll understand why: Top high-rise condo amenities that provide real value are key to every homebuyer’s satisfaction.

High Rise Condo Market Trends

Las Vegas High Rises

Are you looking to buy a high-rise condo in Las Vegas? If yes, then you might want to examine the trends that have recently stood out in the Las Vegas market.

High-rise condo market trends are what basically shape the world of high rises. While these trends come and go, paying attention to them can help you determine what, where, and when to buy a high-rise property.

Remember: Buying a condo isn’t just about finding the property that suits your taste; it’s about understanding the emerging trends that largely influence the high rise market.

Take a look at these recent high-rise condo market trends and how they can affect home buyers or renters:

Famous People Who Own a Las Vegas High Rise

If you’re eager to spot celebrities in Nevada, go to The Strip in Las Vegas. Nowadays, many celebrities choose to trade their family homes for new luxury high-rises in this part of Nevada, making the number of famous people who own a Las Vegas high rise in the city’s canyon of casinos greater than ever.

Turning Your High Rise into a Vacation Rental for Extra Income

Investing in a real estate property is one of the best financial decisions you can ever make today. Not only does it give you a home; it also gives you a lucrative source of income in times of need.

In this article, I will share with you some tips for turning your high rise into a vacation rental and making your property actually work for you.

The Value of Las Vegas High Rises

If you want to own a high-rise condo in Las Vegas and experience urban living at its finest, it is imperative that you know how the Las Vegas housing market is doing. After all, it is the health of the market that basically determines the value of Las Vegas high rises.

Living in a High Rise with a Toddler

Gone are the days when high-rises are only for single individuals and couples. Today, even families love living in high-rise condos, too!

In fact, families nowadays flock to them across America and it looks like there is no getting in the way of their love for condo living—not even toddlers.

If you make a google search for “families in high-rises,” you will find a wealth of articles about how living in a high-rise with a toddler is a poor idea. However, the increasing number of families with toddlers who choose to live in a condo suggests that Google may not always be right after all.

What are Closing Costs on a High-Rise?

Investing in a real estate property is one of the major decisions you will ever make in your life. Because it involves a huge sum of money, you cannot just go about this risk-filled world without sufficient preparation—unless you are ready to be hammered with an array of fees towards the end of the transaction.

If you are already starting to dip your toes into buying a high-rise property, do a little research on the notorious closing costs on a high-rise. These costs may come as a bit of a mystery for you, but it only takes some planning to manage them.

Can a Dog Live Happily in a High Rise?

A new trend for high-rises and condominium buildings involves attracting potential residents by offering amenities for pets, especially dogs. As an urban dog owner, you know how amazing and exciting that is!

On a second thought, however, you might ask yourself—“Can my dog live happily in a high-rise?’’ “Will I deprive my dog of the happiness he feels playing around our wide open space if I trade it with a confined high-rise apartment?’’

It might be hard to believe, but the answer is YES, your dog can handle high-rise living. And there are lots of high-rises in Las Vegas that can make that possible!

How To Transition From A Home To A High Rise

A living space with a sofa, pillow and laptop

If you’ve grown tired of mowing your front lawn and maintaining your empty nest, it is time to transition from a single-family to a high rise lifestyle. Embracing this new stage is both exciting and daunting, and there are many benefits and drawbacks. To help you ease into the high rise lifestyle, here are some things you need to remember.