If you’re moving to a high rise and wondering if there are some high rise living tips that you should follow, worry no more. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are living in a Las Vegas high rise.

Learn the best tips on how to live in a high rise building.

So you’re moving to a high rise? Exciting as that may be, don’t forget that you share it with a few hundred people.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts every homeowner and tenant should follow.

The Do’s


Do follow HOA rules and regulations.

Las Vegas high rise condos are densely populated. The Allure condos, for example, have 427 units on its 41 floors. Just imagine that there are, on average, two people living in one condo residence. That’s more than 800 people in one building.

When you have a lot of people in one place, even with the long list of amenities, things can easily get out of hand. Fortunately, there are rules and regulations which make it possible for many people to live peacefully.

HOA rules and regulations were created and implemented to ensure order and maintain peace for all the unit owners. As a unit owner, you need to follow the rules to avoid possible problems with the other tenants and building management.


A dog on a colorful matDo obey pet policies. Living in a pet-friendly condo doesn’t mean that you are allowed to have your pet run all over the place. There are certain restrictions placed on pets that live in a high rise. Here are some pet policy restrictions you need to remember:

  • Limit the number of pets in your apartment. Some condos only accept up to two pets.
  • Put a leash on your pet when visiting common and recreational areas.
  • Remove waste from common areas.
  • Be responsible for any damage your pet may cause.

Prior to buying a condo unit, check the rules and policies of the condo regarding pet policies so you won’t be surprised.


Do inform guests to check in with reception before coming up

One of the reasons many people choose to live in a high rise building is because of security.

When you have friends and guests coming over, brief them about your condo’s policy on visiting and make sure that they have their identification cards with them.


Do respect the building personnel

High rise condos have many personnel workers who make sure that you are comfortable and have everything that you need. When you need something to be done, ask nicely.

Saying “Thank you” when the doorman opens the door is a nice gesture. Showing appreciation to the cleaning crew who maintains the common areas is another way of being respectful.  


Do practice good elevator etiquette

Elevators in a high rise buildingThe elevators are crucial in a high rise building. When you live in a high rise condo, inside the elevator you are forced to interact with neighbors, visitors, building personnel, and many more.

Practicing good elevator etiquette is the key to making your elevator rides successful. Here are some examples of elevator etiquette:

  • Before going inside the elevator, check your scent. You don’t want to smother the people inside a cramped space with your unwashed body nor overpowering cologne or perfume.
  • Give each other space. it can be very awkward to step inside an elevator and find yourself nose to nose or eye to eye with someone who didn’t even budge to give way when you stepped in.  
  • Even if you are in a hurry, avoid making rude comments when someone is taking some time to get inside the elevator. You don’t know what that person is going through nor the reasons why it’s taking some time, so keep your comments to yourself.
  • Hold the door. When you see someone picking up speed just to catch the elevator, hold the door. I’m pretty sure you’d want others to do the same when you’re in that situation.


Do keep your music down

If you’re hosting a party, you might forget that your home is literally surrounded by other units. There are units on either side of you, above you, and below you. Turning up the music volume may disrupt them, especially if it’ already past bedtime.


Do be friendly and helpful to your neighbors

High rise condos usually have four to eight units on a level. Get to know your neighbors’ faces and names if possible. You don’t have to bring cookies or have potluck dinners with them, but when you see them carrying a lot of stuff and your hands are empty, try to help out.




Do pay your dues on time

HOA dues are recurring fees you have to pay. It is the fee used for maintaining the building and the common areas. Make sure to pay it on time to avoid penalties or worse, be banned from using the building’s amenities.



Do keep your unit clean.

Your home is your responsibility, so make sure to clean up. Generally, living in a condo means you have a smaller area to clean compared to a single-family house.


Do be mindful of cooking smells

Some food should never be cooked inside a high rise condo.

Avoid cooking food with a very strong smell. Sure, they taste amazing and you don’t mind the smell during the cooking process, but your neighbors will surely mind. Be aware that whatever you cook, your neighbors are very likely to smell it.


Do be careful when disposing of garbage

Most high rise condos have a garbage chute located at the end of the hallway where you can just drop your garbage. Don’t forget to tightly wrap your waste so it won’t open and scatter.

Also, make sure that your trash container is dry so it won’t drip on the hallway. There is nothing more disgusting than to see something wet and smelly on the hallway floor.


Do park your car properly.

Condo developments have limited parking space. Park your car on your own parking slot.

Don’t be that neighbor who takes advantage of empty slots without asking permission from the management.


Do maintain common areas

Yes, you may be paying a hefty fee for your association due, but it doesn’t mean you won’t do your share in keeping the property clean. You are not expected to clean, but not littering and deliberately damaging the facilities are great ways of maintaining common areas.


Do unplug everything that is not in use

When you’ve finished using your appliances, unplug it. Not only will this save you on utility bills, small appliances like toasters and coffee makers pose a safety risk when not properly unplugged.


Do maximize the use of facilities

Your association fee covers maintenance for the condominium amenities so make the most out it. Instead of staying inside your unit and watching too much TV, why not go to the pool and swim?

The Don’ts


Don’t litter on common property

You may be paying to use the common property like the garden or a swimming pool, but it doesn’t give you the right to leave your trash there. Take your trash with you and dump it in the nearest trash can.


Don’t leave any items on the hallways

The hallway is not your property. It is a common property.

Don’t think it is okay to leave your boxes there because other people are also using the hallways and it is blocking the way.


Don’t  wait to report maintenance issues

If your faucet is leaking, or the drain is clogged, or you can smell gas, call maintenance right away. It is better to take preventive measures than to wait for things to get better, only for things to turn worse.

Don’t wait for your bathroom or kitchen to be flooded before you call the maintenance. Any issue should be reported immediately.


Don’t be a bad neighbor

A high rise is a neighborhood. There are hundreds of people living in the same building.

When you live in such a community, you need to be more conscious of how your actions will affect your neighbors.


Don’t smoke on common property

A common property is an amenity that many other people use, which makes sense that you don’t smoke in it because there may be people there who are allergic to the smell of cigarette.

When people talk of the “golden rule” of “don’t do unto others what you don’t want them to do unto you”, I’m sure that condo living was not what they had in mind. Nevertheless, the rule perfectly applies when you’re living in a high rise.

When you live in close proximity to others, you should also keep your neighbors’ best interest in mind to maintain a pleasant and peaceful living atmosphere.

High Rise Living Tips
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If you’re moving to a high rise and wondering if there are some high rise living tips that you should follow, worry no more. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are living in a Las Vegas high rise.
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