Has someone ever asked you “What is considered a high rise condo?” I’ve been asked that question many times. In this post, you will learn exactly what a high rise condo is and how high are the top five highest condo buildings in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas high rise condo

What Is a High Rise Condo?

Have you ever tried asking someone what a high rise condo is? I have and one of the common responses I got was “A high rise condo is a condo on the top floors of a high building.” When asked how high is a high building, the answer varies, ranging from 15 to 40.

Well, both answers are partially correct, but to be accurate…

A high rise condo is a building that’s more than ten stories tall and with four to eight residences each floor.  

Like other kinds of condos, high rise condos share common areas with other unit owners. The condo is managed by a Homeowners Association who ensures that the common areas are well-kept and properly maintained.

Mid Rise vs High Rise

Due to the growing popularity of high rise condos in Las Vegas, many people are interested to know about high rise and mid-rise condos, and what the differences are.

A mid-rise condo is a building that’s higher than three floors but lower than 10 floors.

In contrast, a high rise condo is a building that’s more than ten stories tall.

What’s the difference between the two aside from the number of floors? Here are a few more differences between the two levels of condo living.



A glass walled high rise building

  • High rise condos offer owners and renters a wide variety of amenities not found in any other kind of living space. Some examples of these amenities are a pool, either an outdoor pool or an indoor pool, a gym, a basketball court, a tennis court, a theater, a spa and sauna, and more!  This long list of amenities is one reason why many people prefer a high rise since you just can’t find any living space that will offer amazing amenities than a high rise.
  • High rise condos offer more floor plan layouts and more options in unit size. Because of the building’s unique structure, you have more options in a high rise.
  • High rise condos offer increased safety. High rise condos offer 24-hour security, surveillance, and 24-hour valet parking.
  • High rise condos offer ultimate convenience! They have 24-hour concierge services so whatever you need, be it a ticket for a new movie or a bottle of water, you can simply order it from the concierge.
  • Let’s not forget the view. This is one of the reasons many people love the high rise. Views sell! If you have to choose between a house with an amazing city view and one with a street view, you’d go for the one with the city view.


  • Mid-rise condos offer more convenience. Because you live in a building with fewer users, fewer people are using the elevators. If you can’t wait, you can take the stairs. This is something you can’t do in a high rise condo.
  • It is also more intimate. Mid-rise units are designed to provide privacy, but also allow interaction among neighbors. You can get to know your neighbors’ faces because there are not that many of you.
  • Good value for money.  Mid-rise condos offer affordable options for your budget while offering first-class convenience.


Both high rise and mid-rise condos are great investments.  Whether you live up or down is not a problem as long as your condo meets your needs.

What’s the Best Floor in a High Rise Condo?

Among the common concerns many condo buyers ask me is the best floor to live in a high rise condo.

To answer that question, you have to look into your wants and needs. You have to look into different factors to know which floor is the best for you.


First, you have to look into your household members. Your first priority is the convenience of everyone in your household.

If you will be living with children and the elderly, you need a unit which can be more accessible for them in case the elevators have a problem.


Secondly, check for safety and security. High rise condos have strict 24-hour security, but it doesn’t mean that no one can get through the system.

When security fails, ground level and first-floor level are the ones more prone to be victims. It takes more time and it is much more difficult to get to higher levels.


Thirdly, find out the views you’ll be getting from the unit. The higher the floors, the better the view.

When you want a panoramic view of the Strip and the surrounding mountains, a condo unit of the penthouse or the higher floors of a Las Vegas high rise is better for you.


Fourthly, you have to consider time and energy. Living on the top floors often means waiting for a longer time for the elevators.

If you’ve gone shopping, or you’re carrying an important item, you’ll have an arm workout carrying your groceries or items because of the long wait. If you absolutely hate waiting, you are better off at the lower levels.


Lastly, check the light and ventilation. We all love bright and airy homes, and if you live in a high rise condo, the higher your floor is, the better the lighting and ventilation.

Las Vegas High Rise Condo Amenities

A spacious conference roomIf you’ve decided to buy a high rise condo in Las Vegas, good for you!

High rise condos are a good investment, and they are great as both a primary home or a vacation home. 

They  offer a wide selection of amenities and services, many of which are not offered nor found in other living spaces like a single family home or an apartment.  Where you live influences the kind of amenities you’ll have in the condo. Expect floor to ceiling walls of glass, large terraces or balconies, high ceilings, slab granite countertops and kitchen islands, stainless steel appliances, large soaking tubs, beautiful kitchen cabinetry, and more.

What are the typical amenities you can expect from a Las Vegas high rise condo?

Expect your high rise development to have the following :

  • swimming pools
  • business center with WiFi
  • meeting rooms
  • wine cellars
  • fitness centers
  • spa and sauna
  • community lounge
  • 24-hour security service
  • front desk services
  • concierge and valet services


5 Highest Residential Condos in Las Vegas

How high can a high rise go? Is there a limit to the number of floors for a high rise? Let’s find out by taking a look at the five highest high rise condos in Las Vegas.

  • Trump International Hotel. This 64-floor luxury skyscraper is a condo-hotel that rises 622 feet. It boasts of the best views of the Strip and the surrounding mountains, and though surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the Strip, provides respite, serenity, and ultimate luxury for its residents.


  • The Cosmopolitan rises 604 feet and offers 50 floors of luxury living. Sitting right at the heart of the Strip, this luxury resort offers 279 condo units with the best amenities and views.


  • Vdara is the third highest luxury resort that offers condo-hotel units on its highest floors. Rising 554 feet above ground level, it offers 57 floors of luxury living. Only 156 units are available as condos as rest are hotel rooms.


  • Waldorf Astoria (formerly Mandarin Oriental ) is set in the City Center and rises 539 feet. It features 56 floors. The condos are on the upper floors of this five-star hotel.


  • Palms Place is the fifth highest residential tower in Las Vegas. It rises 518 feet and offers 47 floors consisting of 599 residential units.

High rise living can be fun and exciting. It is a great way to make new friends.

Whether you’re living on the first or the 31st floor doesn’t matter. You still get to enjoy the sames benefits as all residents do.

What Is Considered A High Rise Condo
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What Is Considered A High Rise Condo
Has someone ever asked you “What is considered a high rise condo?” I’ve been asked that question many times. In this post, you will learn exactly what a high rise condo is and how high are the top five highest condo buildings in Las Vegas.
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