Are there health effects of living in a high rise? Some people think that where you live influences your health, and consequently, your happiness. Let’s find out the truth to this statement in this post.

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Location Matters

High rises in the city Do you live near the sea? Do you live near the road?

Do you live in a densely populated neighborhood? Do you live in the suburbs?

Do you have easy access to parks and places where you can exercise? Is there a supermarket or a farmer’s market close to your home?

Real estate is big on location. Agents have always emphasized that where you live matters.

Choosing your home’s location is a major decision because where you live has a significant impact on your daily life and lifestyle.

This topic is so interesting that it has garnered the attention of different groups of researchers and scientists all over the world. If you check the internet, you’ll be flooded with information about the relationship between health and location.

What if you live in a high rise?

High rise developments are continually sprouting all over the major cities in the world and more and more people are turning to high rises as their new homes.

High rise living is a subject that is continually being studied and debated by researchers around the world. There are different opinions on the matter, and there is no final word on the subject yet.

The Health Risks of High Rise Living

A woman sitting by the large window of a high rise.Living in a high rise can be unsettling for some people. There are many who look at high rises and see only the potential dangers of living there.

High rise condos have the reputation of being an unfriendly place to live in. Some researchers say it affects the mental and physical health as well as social relationships.

There are some health risks associated with high rise living.


Here are a few of the physical health risks residents in condos face.

  • One of the risks is the easy spread of communicable diseases. The sheer number of people living in a building and sharing hallways, door handles, and elevator buttons increase the chance of being easily affected by a disease.
  • Another health risk is when you have a heart attack. In such a scenario, every second counts. The higher your floor level is, the lower your chance of survival because medics won’t reach you on time
  • A study in India revealed that women in their 50’s who live on the top floors are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure compared to those who live on lower floors.
  • Many think that high rise level is not safe for children’s health. If a child accidentally opens a window and climb to the balcony and the adult supervising the child happens to be busy, the child may fall.


More than physical health risks, people are concerned about mental health effects.

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  • One of the fears some residents have is being trapped in a fire. This fear is all too real especially in the light of last year’s several high rise fires in other countries.
  • Another fear is the fear of falling from the building. Even those who don’t suffer from acrophobia or fear of height get this feeling occasionally. Some people say that they are not afraid of heights but would rather not look straight down from the top of a building because they feel they might topple over and fall.
  • The fear of being trapped in a collapsing building during an earthquake is a source of anxiety for many people.
  • There are people who feel that high rise living has made them more suspicious and fearful of crime. They feel unsafe even when they are in semi-public places and have the recurring thought that someone can harm them.
  • In London, it is reported that high rise residents fear of isolation. The study was conducted among old people in the city of Leeds and results show that many residents feel lonely and isolated.


What about social relationships?

One writer said that she felt disconnected to everyone when she moved to a high rise condo.

Others think that living in a high rise condo causes a person to become more impersonal.

Providing Solutions

Though there are many fears associated with high rise living, the truth is most of these fears have been provided solutions by developers.


A text about the safety of high rise buildings


Various amenities are provided to ensure that residents can mingle and get to know their neighbors and establish a sense of community. There are gyms, pool and, parks where you can go to unwind and relax. Residents can engage in various sports like basketball and tennis.

Elevators and many other common areas are kept clean and sanitized by the building staff. The buildings are safe and constructed with the best materials and were constructed following strict protocols set by the federal government.

In short, a lot of measures were taken to ensure that those who’ll live in a high rise live healthy, happy lives.


The Benefits of High Rise Living

A couple preparing a healthy meal on their kitchen tableAlthough  there are many pieces of research that show the health risks of high rise living, there are also researches that showcase the health benefits of living in one. Here are some of them:

  • Longer life expectancy

One study shows that the higher the floor you live on, the greater your life expectancy. Experts found that the chances of dying from serious lung disease were 40% higher among ground floor residents compared to those who live on higher floors.

Researchers associate this with having a better  air quality on the higher levels, whereas the air on the ground level is more polluted.

  • A healthier heart

Some people point out that living on higher floors gives you an opportunity to exercise longer. If you live on the 16th floor and have been taking the stairs every day, you are keeping your heart healthy.

Others point out that easy access to amenities gives you no excuse not to take care of your physical health. Almost all Las Vegas high rise buildings have gyms, pools, parks, and various courts where you can de-stress and exercise.

How to live a healthier life in a high rise

If you’re already living in a high rise and you’re concerned regarding the risks, here are some things you can do to live a healthier life:


  • Get active every day. Take advantages of the numerous amenities you have in the building. Whether it is swimming playing tennis, running, or exercising at the gym, there are many options open for you.


  • Make good food choices. Living in a high rise means being surrounded with a lot of dining options. Choose to eat healthy. Go for the freshest options available.


  • Surround yourself with positivity. Life is challenging as it is. You don’t need more negative energy to drag you down.


  • Take vacations. If you’re using your condo as a primary home, take some time off and go on a vacation. Don’t stay holed up in your condo, no matter how nice it is.


  • Take time to nurture your relationships. Be with your friends. Spend time with people who understand and support you.


Living in a high rise is a dream for many people. For some, it is nightmare. There are always two sides to a coin.

It is up to you to choose which side you look at.

If you’re thinking of moving to a high rise, learn about high rise living as much as you can. That way, you know exactly what you’re getting into.


Health Effects of Living In A High Rise
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Health Effects of Living In A High Rise
Are there health effects of living in a high rise? Some people think that where you live influences your health, and consequently, your happiness. Let's find out the truth to this statement in this post.
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